Material & Technique



Our canvas backdrop is made of 100% cotton; a heavy duty material that impeccably blocks out background light. It’s considered to be the highest quality material for a backdrop to lasts a long time, making it a durable investment.


Canvas backdrop weighs 1.000 grams / meter which makes it very heavy. For a photoshoot that needs travel or transporting, this backdrop requires more space.




Our cotton backdrop is woven with 100% cotton threads; lighter than our canvas backdrop. It’s as easy and light as seamless paper, making it ideal for transporting on-location. Its lightness makes it compact to fold and store. The folds will create wrinkles, but it’s easy to release simply by ironing or steaming it. Each cotton backdrop is unique with fade-wash or tie-dyed finished to choose.


Cotton backdrop weighs 400 grams/meter making it easy to get wrinkles when folded or stored. When you decide to invest in a cotton backdrop, you might also need to invest in a good hand-held steamer.



Designed with durability in mind, we choose synthetic dye for easy storage and care. Although processed with synthetic dye, each backdrop is dyed manually with human hands, simple machines, and sun-dried process resulting in unique colors and washed effect in each of them.



With the intention to minimize chemical waste release to the environment, we also design plant-dyed backdrops. Using local plants, flowers, and fruits, the process of dyeing the backdrops is more complex. Temperature, the soaking pH, and the intensity of the sun’s heat brings an array of various effects for the final colors. Storing and caring for plant dyed backdrops need more special care, but it has lesser ecological impact for the environment.