About TIO


“It used to be difficult to find a 3 meters backdrop in the market”, co-founder.

As a photographer, she constantly found this problem. But not until she met a garment manufacturing expert, who then became our co-founder as well. After a series of experiments, Tio backdrop was released, creating demands from other photographers and creatives.

Tio is the first fabric backdrop manufacturer in Indonesia that uses both synthetic and natural dyeing technique with washed technique for faded effects.


No two backdrops are the same. Every backdrop is made manually by hand from fabric cutting, coloring, to washing, making each of our backdrop unique. Human hands, weather, and sun are three key elements in our backdrop making process. The combination of these elements make each color differs from one another.

We thoughtfully experiment with our colors, so that they naturally compliment human skin as it’s the object that photographers and videographers shoot the most.